Inspectors In St. George, UT

Inspectors are crucial to St. George real estate agents. They make sure the house and everything in it is functioning properly. Any necessary repairs are also identified by the inspector. Skipping this step is a big mistake. And it’s just as crucial to be selective about which St. George UT inspector you hire.
The home-buying process can sometimes go on longer than you anticipate. There are so many bases to cover, T’s to cross and I’s to dot. Not having an inspection performed can undermine much of the hard work and time you put in to acquiring a home. At J&J Utah Homes, we always recommend having an inspection done, no matter what. We’ve heard too many horror stories of people purposely skipping this step and paying for it later.

Here is a list of inspectors in St. George that we use and recommend to others.

Colten Hill
Nook and Kranny Inspections
180 N Main St #1206
St. George, UT 84771

Austin Lund
National Property Inspections


Mark Peterson
Northstar Home Inspections LLC


Dave Bennett
Blue Majestic Home Inspections LLC


9 Reasons Why You NEED A Home Inspection

Unseen Problem
Not every problem can be seen by doing a simple walkthrough. Many potential problems are “out of sight”. These kinds of issues are discovered by an inspector.

Presents More Options
An inspection can have a big affect on the outcome of the sale. Things learned from an inspector can lead to renegotiations, unexpected repairs, price reductions, and more.

In cases where inspections find something wrong, there isn’t a single scenario where it isn’t extremely cost-efficient. A $300-500 inspection can save you thousands, even tens-of-thousands of dollars in repairs.

Structural Problems
Issues dealing with the foundation are one of those “out-of-sight” problems an inspector brings to light. Homes with structural issues presents a major red flag.

New roofs are expensive. They can put you out $10,000 or more. An inspector’s report identifies anything that may be wrong with the roof.

Everything an inspector checks for is related to the safety of those who will live in it, particularly the electrical system checkup and a radon test. Radon is a harmful, odorless gas.

Maintenance Costs
It’s difficult to truly know what your maintenance costs will be on a home without an inspection. If you’re on a budget, an inspection is extremely important. It gives you near-precise information on exactly what maintenance is needed.

Negotiation Leverage
If the inspection shows major problems, you now have major leverage as the buyer. In these situations, you may be able to ask the seller to contribute more closing costs, renegotiate the asking price, fix the problems in the report, and more.

Peace Of Mind
An inspection avoids unwanted surprises. A document in hand that proves the condition of the home is invaluable in the St. George real estate process.

J&J Utah Homes provides you with the help and support you need finding the very best inspector in the area to realize your real estate needs. Call us at no cost for any questions or consultation. Call 435-222-0886.